Community Involvement

Stewart Sokol & Larkin is proud to participate in Plant A Row, a produce donation program founded by the Garden Writers Association Foundation. Our new rooftop garden will supply produce for the Northeast Emergency Food Program of Portland, which strives to improve food security in Northeast Portland.

Jane Nelson, who serves as a regional coordinator for People for Produce, launched our firm's Plant A Row initiative in spring of 2015. She expects our garden will produce over 100 pounds of food in its first harvest this summer. Nationwide, Plant A Row participants donate nearly 2 million pounds of produce to food banks like NEFP each year. Each pound of donated produce will supplement four meals on average, according to the Garden Writers Association.

The Northeast Emergency Food Program (NEFP) is both a food bank and a volunteer-run community center, providing nutrition workshops and gardening opportunities for local families. NEFP's emergency food and clothing programs serve 1 out of every 53 Portland residents each year, according to its 2014 annual report. While over a third of NEFP's food recipients are children, NEFP also emphasizes outreach to low-income individuals, the elderly, those with special needs, and immigrant/refugee communities. NEFP establishes partnerships with local businesses in an effort to achieve community food security.

The USDA reported in 2014 that 15% of Oregonian households experience food insecurity: a lack of consistent access to nutritious food.

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